Friday, November 4, 2011

New Pillows for the Couch

For the last several months I have been telling Shawn that I wanted to find fabric to cover the couch pillows and give them sort of a face lift.  We've had our sofa for about three years and it was handed down from Shawn's dad when we received it, so it is in no way a new couch, but it's still a good couch.  It just looks a little run down.  I thought some material would do the trick and my goodness has it.  Here are the before pictures of the couch...
And here are the after pictures...

Don't they look amazing.  I love them!  Are you ready for the best part?  I found almost an entire roll of fabric for only $12.38 at Goodwill. 
The material was also reversible.  Isn't it so pretty.  I'm very happy with how the pillows turned out.  I'm trying to incorporate some red into the couch but have not found the right fabric yet.  The other black and white fabric I got at The Salvation Army for $0.40.  I just recovered another throw pillow I already had.  So I'm still searching for something in red to break up the black and white.  For now though....I love the transformation.
Of course with new pillows now makes it necessary for a new paint color on the wall and new curtains.  Yea, more projects.

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