Monday, November 21, 2011

Cranberry Cookies

Cranberry Cookies are a perfect little twist for your holiday treats!
These little babies were fantastic!!  I picked up a bag of fresh cranberries a week ago and have been looking for a recipe.  It seems like many of the recipes out there call for dried cranberries though and not fresh.
But I wanted to cook with fresh cranberries.
I stumbled across this recipe and figured I'd give it a try.  Boy, am I'm glad did.
For a little piece of your heaven click here.
I used real lemon and omitted the walnuts.
I was going to add white chocolate chips but realized I was out of them toward the end.
I will add them next time for sure.
I also only baked for 13 minutes.
These cookies have a bit of tartness and little sugar.  Perfect combination.  And the lemon ties it all together.
Delicious!  Too bad my hubby doesn't like cranberries, because I do not need to eat all of these cookies myself.

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