Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Festivities

Today we went in search of a pumpkin patch.  Although we found several, we opted to stop at a little one  on the side of the road out in farm country.  
After pumpkins were picked and paid for it was time to leave.  Noah had his mind set on getting a large bucket in which he could fill with lots of candy on Halloween night.
The picture above is of "ugly fruit" as Shawn described it.  The man at the patch said they sell off his shelves like crazy.  People put them in their basements and they ward off spiders.  He said they release a terrible odor that spiders tend to not be very fond of.  With my disgust for spiders, I told the man that I would take the whole crate.  No..not really.  But I don't care much for spiders.  Or any or sort of insect for that matter.

This was the original pumpkin that Noah wanted, but we talked him into getting a smaller one. 
You know who would be scooping all the guts out.  Noah took our advise and chose a smaller pumpkin.

We also were able to get one dozen farm fresh eggs.  Yummy!!
Happy Fall!!

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