Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Praise the Lord.  He has risen and we can experience new life through Him.  What an amazing day it has been.  Church this morning was awesome.  I have never been to a church when the pastor has had such a huge heart for the congergation.  I'm sure that all pastors love the church body.  But never have a felt cherished and so welcomed as I do at our church.  The people are so warm.  I am sure going to miss our church when we leave Iowa.
Didn't the eggs turn out beautiful!!
Yesterday Shawn, Noah and I went to the church Eggstravaganza.  The church filled 26,000 eggs for the hunt.  While Noah and I stood at the starting point, Shawn stood in the back hoping not to be trampled.  Once the whistle blew it was on....I had told Noah that we were going to run to the back and skip all the eggs in the front.  I knew that all the kids would begin collecting in the front.  He did pretty well for himself.  He collected about 25-30. 
Noah must get some of his weird quirks from myself or Shawn.  As you can imagine, with 26,000 eggs to scatter they tend to be pretty much on top of each other.  Most kids would stop at a pile with 20 eggs and collect them all right?!  No, not Noah.  He would stop at a pile of eggs and collect just a few select eggs and move to the next pile.  He sure makes me smile.  I love that boy.
Look at this madness.  Notice that all the kids are in one place.  I'm smart and we started in the back and moved toward the center.
Luckily security was not needed. 
I'd say it was a pretty good weekend.

Hope you enjoyed yours.

Kate Anne

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