Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pretend Make-Up

I saw this a post months ago on how to make pretend make-up for little girls (or big girls if you don't like wearing make-up :) But I have a little boy and I'm sure his daddy would not approve of me making him pretend make up for Christmas.  It took me awhile to figure out who would like such a gift and then it hit me, my niece Kandra.  Sadly I don't see her often so she was not the first person I thought of but I hope
 she likes it. 
I went to the dollar store and bought three bottles of nail polish, two compacts of eye shadow, and a package of different sized brushes.
Next scrap out the eye shadow and rinse container with soap and water and dry thoroughly.
Now very slowly add the nail polish color of your choice to each little slot in the eye shadow container.  I held the brush of the nail polish over the opening while pouring so as not to let the ball from the polish fall out.
I allowed to dry over night.  And in the morning...viola!!!  A darling gift for that little lady in your life.
I picked up this darling Gap purse to hold all of the beautifying contents.
So this project cost me...
$3.00 for polishes
$2.00 for the eye shadows
$1.00 for the brushes
$1.38 for the little purse
Total $7.38.
Ideas came from here.

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