Sunday, August 7, 2011

DIY Piano Bench into an Ottoman

I absolutely love this ottoman, after my project is complete of course.  I bought a wingback chair awhile back and have been looking for an ottoman.  The chair is very comfortable,  but it definitely needed an ottoman.    While in search of the perfect foot stool, I had to keep in mind that the fabric of the chair is pretty loud.  I knew the footstool had to be simple.  When I saw this piano bench at Goodwill for $5.38 I knew I had found a perfect fit.

The Before....Not very attractive!!
This is going to be great storage for the remote controls and such...
After removing the fake leather covering I measured new padding.
When measuring for fabric make sure the fabric is a bit larger than
the padding.  I already had the padding on hand so that did not cost a dime.
And after....It turned out so cute.  I painted it a very bright white.
I found the fabric at Goodwill today.  It was $0.88. 
I am going to have to cut probably four inches off the legs. 
It is just a bit too tall for the chair.
I am so happy with the finished project.
~ Finished product cost $6.26 ~


  1. Very cute, love that you can just cut down the legs to the correct height. I was wondering if you put a hinge on this, you mentioned it would be great remote storage, so I thought perhaps you were adding hinges?

  2. Very cute! Another idea to add to my "list" :)