Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Catching Up...

I would like to begin by saying that there is no way that I am ever going to be able to catch up on the months and months of blogging that I have not done.  My world has been turned upside down, shaken, and gently set back down since my last post.  My life was just set down in a little bit of a different area...Central Point, Oregon.  Whoa!!  That's a long ways from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  About 1,930 miles. So this is what has been going on...

Shawn and I sold our house on Mallory Street.  Can you believe that we sold our house after only nine days of being on the market.  Praise the Lord and may His will be done in our lives.  And if you can believe this, we got asking price and the buyer bought all of our furniture.
On another date I will have to post the amazing transformation before and afters pictures of the house.  It turned out incredible. 

September 11, 2012 finally came and I graduated Kaplan University with my Licensed Practical Nursing diploma.  Wow!  And my final semester at Kaplan I achieved straights A's.  This was a major accomplishment for me. 
And November 15th I took the NCLEX-PN and passed my boards.

In October, Noah celebrated his 9 year old birthday.  He enjoyed a day of all things Angry Birds.  That's his new obsession.
Love the Polka Dots!
Make a wish sweet 9 year old boy. 
See, I told you.  It was an angry birds kind of day.
Another Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I got to host Thanksgiving in our new house this year.
Everything turned out amazing.  It was delicious.  Here are a few pictures of my homemade pies.
I made homemade apple and pumpkin apple butter pie.
Shawn and I also celebrated our 10 year anniversary this November.
This was Shawn's gift, but Noah wanted to get in on the action too.
I got a beautiful ring.
And for the not so exciting news, my grandma Shirley went home to be with the Lord
November 16th.  Although she was ready to be taken home she will be sadly missed. 
Its very sad to think that I've been gone for the past 14 years and when I finally return home
to be near family, a member is taken from us.
Life is so precious and so short.

~Kate Anne

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