Thursday, December 6, 2012

Before and Afters of our House

Who remembers the Cedar Rapids floods of 2008 in Iowa?
These events were life changing for many Iowans.  
It was a very devastating experience for many.
The waters crested at I believe 23 feet.  It was crazy to say the least!
Fortunately we were still living in an apartment when the floods occurred.
Once the water had subsided, there were many, many damaged homes that were beyond repair.
The house we bought actually had water that filled the basement and made it's way onto the first
floor and rose until it reached about 18 inches.
Our home was built in 1900.
Shawn and I just love the character of older homes.
Here's what she looked like post flood.
We lived in this house for a little over three years.  We did much of the work inside of the house before we moved in.  The outside of the house was a different story.  It was not until we decided to list the house for sale that we decided to re-side the house.  Our intentions weren't always to re-side the house, but you know, life gets in the way.  It just always seemed to be pushed to the back burner.
Siding this home was quite the feat.
Here are some of the photos during the renovations.
   The first side of the house is done.  The porch has just had the old siding removed and is waiting for blue board (a type of insulation) to be put up.
We found these original scallops when we took off the old siding.  
It was a lot of work to restore these babies, but well worth the effort.
They turned out beautiful!
This is the back of the house.  We also built a deck on the back.

Here is an after picture of the back of the house.
Are you ready for the reveal of the front.  Would you like to see again what it looked it?
We also removed all the windows and opened up the pouch.
And here is
WOW, HUH?!?!
What do you think?
Stay tuned, more before and afters to come.

~Kate Anne

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