Saturday, March 24, 2012

Indoor Terrarium with Succulents

Many months ago, while flipping though my Better Homes & Gardens magazine I noticed an article entitled, Tips For Your At Home Terrarium (or something along those lines).  I was intrigued.  I love plants, and although I'm not great at keeping them alive, the few months they last me works with my schedule.  I do have a teeny, tiny problem though, I HAVE CATS.  Cats eat everything, well at least mine do.  No they don't clean up my floor, like the dog.  They enjoy nibbling on my plants which either makes them vomit in various areas around the house, OR (it hasn't occurred yet) but kill them.  I'm not a fan of either option, so I was excited to see that with a terrarium you put a lid on it.

The article was from the December issue of Better Homes & Gardens so I immediately ran into a problem...there are no succulents for sale in the winter.  I learned of this negativity after I had already scoured several Goodwill stores for the perfect home for my succulents.  So.....many months succulents are finally in the stores and up for sale.  I was thrilled when Shawn texted me last week from Lowe's telling me of this great news.

I started with 3 little succulents.  I got the bigger rocks at the Dollar Store.  Noah loaned me his gardening tools.  The smaller pebbles are from Wal-Mart in the crafting section.  A bag of dirt.  And the terrarium home I bought at Goodwill and I'm pretty sure it's an old cookie jar.

Add some dirt to the bottom of your jar and place your succulents on top of the dirt.  When you take your plants out of the containers that they come from in the store in, make sure to gently break up the root system before you place them in the new dirt.  Cover the roots with more dirt.  Now add you larger rocks and them sprinkle the smaller pebbles to fill in the gaps.  Do this slowly so as not to get the little pebbles in the succulents.  Noah sprinkled the little pebbles for me and got a few in there.  I think I'll be okay though.
There she is...isn't she a beaut.  I have her sitting on my kitchen counter.  I water about once a week.  I'll definitely be making some more of these babies.  I always have my eye out for neat little homes I could use.  I'll share some more if I find some great ones.

Kate Anne

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  1. I love your colored pebbles. Adds so much to your terrarium.